10 Year Lost Time Injury Free Milestone

10 Year Lost Time Injury Free Milestone

Congratulations to the team at Corrugated Carton Products (CCP) at Penrith, who celebrated a ten years lost time injury (LTI) free milestone in October.

The team celebrated with an event, including a video conference call with divisional EGM Adrian Dalgleish, and video messages from COO Mark De Wit and Visy Co-owner Fiona Geminder.

In his video, filmed from his home office during Melbourne’s lockdown, Mark said he wished he could be there in person to help the team celebrate their fabulous milestone.

“Having a year of being lost time injury free is a great achievement. To go ten years LTI free says that you never give safety a day off. It says that you all display leadership when it comes to keeping everyone safe on the job. It says your safe work practices have turned into habits and engrained behaviours. So, congratulations on your perfect LTI safety record for the last 10 years. There is no better cause for celebration – well done, keep up the great work for each others’ sakes,” said Mark.

CCP General Manager Mark Lewis commended everyone on the safety milestone achievement and the continued commitment to safety on site.

"Everyone who has been associated with the Penrith site over the past 10 years should be very proud of the milestone. It really is an amazing achievement. The day was well received and it was great to get personal messages from Adrian, Mark and Fiona which only helped to underpin the importance we place on safety as a business. We will continue to look out for each other and ensure that there is no room for complacency,” said Mark.

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