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  1. Styles of Boxes

    One of the major contributors to the versatility of cardboard is the ease with which flat sheets can be cut and formed into an immense range of package styles. People often see style as a cost restriction, however this can often be offset by the added features and advantages such as greater strength, less board used, market appeal, end use features and closures.

    Styles of Boxes
  2. How to Measure A Box

    It is important to understand how to specify the dimensions required to package your products securely. 

    How to Measure A Box
  3. Corrugated Cardboard - What is it?

    From the paper mill, rolls of paper are transported to a corrugating (converting) plant. At the plant, layers of paper are crimped and glued to form corrugated cardboard, which is then cut, printed, folded, and glued to make the display or shipping boxes of most of the items at your local supermarket.

    Corrugated Cardboard - What is it?
  4. Digital Print Guidelines & Specifications

    To help you prepare artwork for your digitally printed custom boxes, we have created this guide to provide easy to understand specifications and best practice tips for digital print.

    Digital Print Guidelines & Specifications
  5. Holiday Trading Closure Dates 2020

    As the holiday season fast approaches we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support throughout the year. 

    Holiday Trading Closure Dates 2020
  6. Beer & Craft Brewery Packaging

    From large national wineries to locally run and independently owned craft brewers; packaging is an extension of your unique wine, beverage, and craft beer products. We manufacture a range of different beverage boxes, carry packs, and die-cut wrap arounds cases for beverage cans & bottles. 

    Beer & Craft Brewery Packaging
  7. Impact & Visibility - Different Printing Types for Boxes

    Create impact and make yourself visible to potential customers by printing your boxes. Choosing the right print process for your packaging brand can be complicated. To help you determine what is right for your business, we have created this guide to provide easy comparison between the print quality in the print processes we offer.

    Impact & Visibility - Different Printing Types for Boxes
  8. Responsible Sourcing

    CCP has obtained Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Chain-of-Custody certification for all of our cardboard packaging operations (FSC-C008345). This means boxes produced by our plants are eligible to feature the widely recognised FSC logo.

    Responsible Sourcing
  9. Postage & Mailing Boxes

    At Corrugated Carton Products, we manufacture a range of general-purpose postage and mailing boxes that are popular with the rise in e-commerce businesses and companies looking for a more presentable and protective solution than mailing bags. Available are a variety of sizes and styles for sending out packs of printed material including documents and books, small retail boxed items including jewelry, accessories and small tech, and artwork and picture frames.

    Postage & Mailing Boxes
  10. 10 Year Lost Time Injury Free Milestone

    Congratulations to the team at Corrugated Carton Products (CCP) at Penrith, who celebrated a ten years lost time injury (LTI) free milestone in October.

    10 Year Lost Time Injury Free Milestone

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