Corrugated Cardboard - What is it?

Corrugated Cardboard - What is it?

From the paper mill, rolls of paper are transported to a corrugating (converting) plant. At the plant, layers of paper are crimped and glued to form corrugated cardboard, which is then cut, printed, folded, and glued to make the display or shipping boxes of most of the items at your local supermarket.

What is corrugated board?

Corrugated cardboard is made up of three layers of paper that includes an inside liner, an outside liner, and a fluting medium (which is the ruffled shape between the two). Corrugated cardboard has many benefits for packaging including: 

  • Durable
  • Lightweight with a high strength-to-weight ratio
  • Product protection
  • Cost-effective
  • Environmentally friendly

Please note, due to extensive range of board grades we manufacture accross our items, with a mixture of both kraft and recycled board grades, we represent the majority of our product photography and mock ups with the following cream colour for consistency.

Different Wall Types

Single Wall

One piece of fluted material glued between two pieces of liner. 

Double Wall

Two pieces of fluted material glued between three pieces of liner. This board is resistant to breaking when stacked and is commonly used for larger industrial containers.

Triple Wall

Triple wall corrugated board consists of three pieces of fluted material glued between four pieces of liner. This board is commonly used as a more lightweight substitute for wooden shipping crates for larger or heavier shipments.

Common Appearance

Depending on what paper is used, corrugated cardboard can have variations in appearance. All of our products are made from sustainable fibres and 100% recyclable.

Recycled Board

Quality sustainable board made from post consumer waste. Generally less saturated in colour than Kraft board.

Kraft Outside Liner Recycled Medium & Inside Liner

Combination board with sustainable components as a substitude without sacrificing performance.

Kraft Board

Made from virigin fibre. Is often vibrant brown in colour.

White Outside Liner Kraft Medium & Inside Liner

A key choice for printed packaging solutions with print on the outside of the carton.

Double White Board

A key choice for printed packaging solutions that have double sided print.

Different Flute Types

There is a common misconception that the thicker the cardboard, the stronger the box. However, there are many different types of corrugated cardboard with different technical specifications based on the paper make up of the board grade.

R Flute

Provides the greatest crush resistance and a superior printing surface which make it an excellent choice for die-cut custom boxes.

B Flute

Provides good stacking strength and crushing resistance. Ideally used for canned goods and displays.

C Flute

Provides good cushioning, stacking and printing properties. Ideally used for glass, furniture and dairy.

A Flute

Provides the greatest cushioning properties for fragile or heavy products, and offers excellent stiffness qualities. It has application across a broad range of export uses.

Different flute profiles can be combined in one piece of combined board. Mixing flute profiles allows designers to adjust compression strength, cushioning strength and total thickness of the combined board. 

RB Flute

Is used for those heavier applications, where the product may carry some weight that requires a higher degree of protection, whilst still offering a superior printing surface.

BC Flute

Is used where products are heavier and bulkier or where the product requires a higher degree of protection. Has exceptional stacking strength and puncture resistance.

AC Flute

Is often used for pallet bins, and other industrial heavy duty applications.

AAC Flute

Commonly used as a lightweight substitute for wooden shipping crates for larger or heavier shipments and is used exten-sively in the produce market for carrying bulk pallet loads of fruit and vegetables.

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