Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty

We manufacture heavy duty purpose built corrugated cardboard packaging for a variety of large format and export applications. Using heavy duty high performance cardboard grades, we have packaging solutions for an extensive range of industries.

Double Wall & Triple Wall

Double Wall

Two pieces of fluted material glued between three pieces of liner. This board is resistant to breaking when stacked and is commonly used for larger industrial containers.

Triple Wall

Triple wall corrugated board consists of three pieces of fluted material glued between four pieces of liner. This board is commonly used as a more lightweight substitute for wooden shipping crates for larger or heavier shipments.

Pallet Boxes 

Pallet boxes are made from double strength cardboard, which means they are suitable for Interstate & International shipping.

They offer extra protection for sensitive products, as the extra layer of corrugated cardboard reduces impact.  These boxes are designed to offer superior strength and reliability to customers interested in shipping or storing heavy loads. 

Large Format Boxes

Corrugated cardboard is a great alternative to replace in part or full traditional timber cases and crates. We have manufactured over 2m long boxes for domestic retail appliances, through to areoplane parts and heavy mining equipment.

The benefits of large format boxes include;

  • Cardboard is recyclable in keeping with Local & International Environmental Regulations
  • Cardboard reduces manual handling exposure due to being a light weight alternative to timber
  • Marketing advantages due to artwork such as logos, content specifications, export information being printed on to your export packaging
  • Compliance with ISPM 15 Regulations

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