Digital Print Guidelines & Specifications

Digital Print Guidelines & Specifications

To help you prepare artwork for your digitally printed custom boxes, we have created this guide to provide easy to understand specifications and best practice tips for digital print.

On submission of your order, CCP will prepare a die-line file of your custom box and email you the files. We provide a PDF copy (non-print side facing for quick review of the style, dimensions and A4 size for printing a copy) and an .EPS file to 1:1 scale print side facing for you to use to prepare the artwork.

The correct art files per these instructions will allow the Artwork Proof to be generated with fast turnaround times. Every unclear art brief, incorrect file set up, or missing art file delays the process and results in longer lead-times to produce the cartons.

If you are unable to follow the artwork set up as specified below, additional artwork preparation charges will apply.

Additional Artwork Preparation Fee


Machine & Media

Font & Lines

Bleed & Safe Print Areas

Artwork Set Up Instructions

1. Download and install Esko plugin for Illustrator. This is required to define trim box, media box, and export to PDF. 

Esko Plugin

2. Open the EPS file provided in Illustrator. Rename layer to “Dimensions”

3. Select the black line and Select -> Same -> Fill & Stroke and Crtl+X to cut

4. Create a new layer. Ctrl + Shift + V to paste in place. Rename layer to “Dieline”

5. Select the red dotted lines and Select -> Same -> Fill & Stroke and Crtl+X to cut

6. Select Dieline layer and Crtl + Shift + V to paste in place. You will now have 2 layers – one for the dimensions and one for the dieline. Lock both layers.

7. Create a new layer called “Artwork” and ensure all art is on this layer

8. Once you are happy with the artwork and have read all our specifications and recommendations in this document, lock the Artwork layer and delete the Dimensions layer.

9. Go to Window -> Esko -> Ink Manager. Double click Artios Crease colour.

10. Change Ink Type to Technical

11. Repeat for Artios Cut colour.

12. Select the Dieline layer Crtl + A to select all.

13. Using Trim Box and Media Box (Window > Esko > Trim Box and Media Box), set trim box to “Fit Trim Box to Selection”.

14. If advised by CCP to add trim (as based on style of carton), set media box (margin) size to 20mm all sides. If not advised by CCP, skip this step.

15. Select fit to Trim Box or Media box

16. Export to Normalised PDF – File – Export As -> Esko PDF. Name the file the product code.

17. Export settings (critical to have embedded images selected)

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