Print Guidelines & Specifications

Print Guidelines & Specifications

To help you prepare artwork for your digitally printed custom boxes, we have created this guide to provide easy to understand specifications and best practice tips for digital print.


Our digital printer has five print heads, each compromising of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black ink. We are unable to print white ink onto kraft board. Pantone colours will be matched to closest CMYK equivalent. Appearance will vary if printed on white or kraft board.

Black can be compromised of a combination of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. Depending on the percentage of each colour, the black will have a different appearance. CCP recommends all blacks to be set to C 71% M 59% Y 70% K 98%to produce the best printed black result.

CCP does not recommend full coverage flood print such as all over black, as print lines may become visible.

Examples below:


Do not expose boxes to moisture as this will result in ink smudging & reduced box strength.

Machine & Media

The max sheet size we can run through the machine will determine the largest size box we are able to custom print.

The max and min size relates to the actual print area. This will affect any large format boxes where print is on both the panels and the sides of the box or Point of Sale display units.

It can also mean any small or skinny boxes underneath the min print size will not pass through the entirety of the machine.

Brown Board = Brown outside and inside liner.

White Board = White outside liner only.

There may be visible flecks in the cardboard.

Font & Lines

>Thickness of lines to be no less than 1pt or 0.35mm for positive and 2pt or .71mm for reversed out print.

White text (i.e reversed type) on colour backgrounds should be bold to avoid text filling in or breaking when printed. Sans-serif fonts are more suitable.

Registered R’s ®and Trademarks ™ must be a minimum of 5mm

Point size of all English and foreign type fonts to be no less than 5mm. The larger the text, the higher the probably of a better print.

Bleed & Safe Print Areas

Allow for print registration movements in production up to +/- 10mm.

Artwork should be placed a minimum of 10mm away from the scores and sheet edges. Any important graphics it is recommended they should be placed at least 20mm in from the scores and sheet edges.

For all slotted styles (0200, 0201, 0203, 0401, 0409) on the Box Calculator if the artwork has large areas of print or flood print, there will be a white edge approx. 5mm on one side of the carton with no print.

For styles which are fully die-cut (such as 0427), there should be a minimum of 10mm bleed for any print over the sheet edge.

Artwork Files

The correct art files and art brief shall be presented to the Designer in the most clear and concise way possible to allow the Artwork Proof to be completed correctly the first time around. Every unclear instruction or missing art file delays the process and results in longer lead-times to produce the cartons. If you are unable to provide us artwork as per specifications below, we charge $90 per design. If you require creative graphic design services, we can connect you with recommend Design studios.

Supply files as native working files in Illustrator, In-Design or EPS

Existing artwork provides great reference however a scanned document, photograph, or flat raster copy will not be sufficient to create the art. A true .pdf, .eps or illustrator file .ai is required to successfully create the artwork (resolution to be minimum 150 dpi at 100% size).

On submission of your order, CCP will prepare a die-line file of your custom box and email you the files. We provide a PDF copy (non-print side facing for quick review of the style, dimensions and A4 size for printing a copy) and an .EPS file to 1:1 scale print side facing for you to use to prepare the artwork.

Art should be on a separate layer to the die-line.

Ensure all linked images are provided - All embedded images (such as background textures) are linked and provide the original linked images. If these images are raster, please ensure their quality is at least 150 dpi at 100% size to the box dieline.

All text must be outlined - We do not install custom font files.

Files to be CMYK only - CCP will not alter colour profiles provided in artwork. Please ensure the correct black as recommended is used.

We cannot accept JPG or PNG files

A scanned image of a logo can take anywhere between one to three hours to redraw depending on the quality and size of the image, which is why CCP does not offer this service. Always supply logos or graphics in an .eps or illustrator file .ai as this saves hours of work for the Designer and speeds up the delivery time of the artwork. Try and avoid sending through pixilated or low-resolution images. These cannot be used, and this will result in the artwork be­ing delayed.

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