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Customised packaging & shipping boxes

Need custom boxes for your business, but not sure what you require? Our box calculator will help you determine your needs. It’s easy! Follow our six simple steps:

1. Pick the style of box
Choose from 6 standard available styles. Learn more about the styles we offer here.
2. Choose the cardboard colour
Pick from brown or white cardboard. Note: white board is single side only. Learn about corruated cardboard here. 
3. Choose your box finish
Choose plain boxes or custom printing. For short run quantities, we use digital printing. See our print specifications here.
Set Up
4. Select your box strength
Depending on the weight of your product going into the box, select the board grade required. Learn about corruated cardboard here. 
5. Enter your custom dimensions
Enter your box dimensions - must be internal dimensions and in length x width x height configuration. Length is the longest dimension. Learn how to measure a box here.
Happy Customer
6. Enter the quantity required
Order as low as minimum 1 bundle quantity. Enter the number of bundles you require.

Ready to design your own boxes?

Once you’ve determined what custom boxes you require, you can then add your order directly to cart and check out online. At Corrugated Carton Australia, we produce and manufacture your custom-made packaging and shipping boxes, including die-cut boxes, in Australia within 10 - 15 working days. We ship all our custom-made boxes throughout Australia, including Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.

For boxes not available using our box calculator tool, our design expertise and manufacturing experience can offer a custom cost-efficient solution to any packaging enquiry. If you’d like to find out more about die-cut, custom shipping and packaging boxes for your company in Australia, contact our friendly team today.

As low as A$20.00

Results & Pricing

Your price for bundle(s), containing total units, is:
* All prices exclude GST.
Your price for bundle(s), containing total units, is:
* All prices exclude GST.
To change your results, please change the details in Steps 1 - 6 and click calculate again.

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