Plain Cardboard Christmas Tree Bundle (Pack of 1 QTY)




We encourage attentiveness to environmental sustainability this holiday season. Our cardboard Christmas tree is made of sturdy corrugated cardboard pieces and is a modern holiday decoration for your home or office.  No tools or glue is needed to assemble the tree. Get the family together to decorate with ornaments, paper balls, tinsel and electric lighting. Once the season is over, you can store your tree flat without using a lot of storage space and reuse next Christmas or recycle the pieces for a sustainable gesture that can make a difference!

  • Length: 920
  • Width: 920
  • Height: 1460
  • Colour: White
  • Style: D/CUT
  • Board Type: Single Wall
  • Board Grade: 560K-C
  • Pack Type: Bundle
  • Weight: 0

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SKU Description Length Width Depth Units $/Unit 5+ 10+ Qty Total Units Total Price
XMASTREE Plain Cardboard Christmas Tree Bundle (Pack of 1 QTY) 920 920 1460 1 50.00 45.00 40.00
0 $0

Board Grade: 560K-C

Board Type: Single Wall

Style: D/CUT

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