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If you're new to corrugated packaging, we want to make sure that ordering stock or custom boxes from our website is fast and easy! We've included as much information up front about how we process, manufacture and deliver our products to you so you can make informed decisions when ordering from our catalogue online.

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What type of cardboard do you use?

We manufacture in corrugated cardboard. Corrugated cardboard is made up of three layers of paper that includes an inside liner, an outside liner, and a fluting medium (which is the ruffled shape between the two). Please see this information page.

Where is your cardboard sourced from?

Please see this information page.

Do you offer other stocks from your website?

Yes, we have many corrugated cardboard grades available for wholesale orders.

How are your boxes printed?

We have several printing types available throughout our Visy group of companies including; digital print, flexographic print, high quality flexographic print, lithographic print, and pre-print. Please see this information page. 

For website orders placed online in short run quantities we utilise digital printing. Please see this information page.

For wholesale quantities, we can provide quotes uses the other printing types available pending the details of the custom box and quantities required.

Where do I upload my artwork?

We currently do no allow Artwork to be uploaded during checkout. Customer Service will email you within 1-2 business days with our printing specifications and the custom box die-line (for your art or logo) once your order has been placed and the Artwork Set-Up Charge of $122 has been paid. Please follow these guidelines for artwork preparation.

What is the artwork fee for?

The Artwork Charge fee is for the preparation of the digital art file sent to the printer for digital printing. It does not include any graphic design services.

Do you offer proofs before the box goes into production?

An Artwork Proof for all printing types is provided for Customer approval before an order can be processed and ETA for despatch provided.

Can you print white, metallic, or other special inks?

Digital print cannot print white, metallic, or inks other than standard CMYK. If you require complex printing with premium print finishes, please contact our Sales team to discuss alternative printing options.

Can you print gloss?

Digital print is direct inkjet onto the corrugated cardboard surface, which has a matte finish. We do not offer gloss varnish options for our digital print. If you require complex printing with premium print finishes, please contact our Sales team to discuss alternative printing options.

Can you design my artwork for me?

CCP does not offer art house of graphic design services. If you are unable to follow the artwork set up as specified in these guidelines, additional artwork preparation charges will apply.

Can I use your boxes for food packaging?

Our packaging is suitable for transporting food products if sealed in an air-tight wrappers, cartons, containers or bottles.

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