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If you're new to corrugated packaging, we want to make sure that ordering stock or custom boxes from our website is fast and easy! We've included as much information up front about our products so you can make informed decisions when ordering from our catalogue online. Click the content below to jump to a section.

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  4. Want to order samples?

Add Products to Cart

The following explains each column of the table.

SKU: Is the product code identifier. Every product on the website has a unique code. You can reorder and search for the product using this code.

Product Table 1

Description: is the name of the product. The description also describes the pack size of the product – whether it comes in a bundle quantity or pallet quantity. You can click the Product Description to be taken to the individual product page for more information.

Product Table 2

Length: is the internal length of the product

Width: is the internal width of the product

Depth: is the internal depth of the product

Product Table 3

Units: is the number of boxes per pack. The majority of our products can be ordered by bundle quantity or pallet quantity depending on your requirements. For example a bundle quantity may be 10 boxes per bundle. A pallet quantity may be 300 boxes per pallet. 

Product Table 4

$/Unit: is the base price per unit excluding GST

Product Table 5

5+: is the second tier pricing if you order 5 quantity or more. For example if you order 1 bundle the price per unit may be $1.00 but if you order 5 bundles the price per unit may be $0.90

10+: is the third tier pricing if you order 10 quantity or more. For example if you order 1 bundle the price per unit may be $1.00 but if you order 10 bundles the price per unit may be $0.80. Depending on the size of the box, it may be more economic to order a full pallet quantity for larger orders.

Product Table 6

If you’re interested in ordering 1000 or more boxes, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a wholesale quote.

QTY: is the quantity you wish to add to cart. Click the field to enter a number.

Product Table 7

Total Units: calculates the number of total units you will receive based on the quantity you enter. For example if the bundle has 25 boxes per bundle, and you add 2 QTY in the QTY field the total units will be 50 boxes. Another example is if the pallet quantity is 300 boxes, and you add 1 QTY in the QTY field, the total units will be 300 boxes.

Product Table 8

Total Price: calculates the total price excluding GST depending on the quantity you enter. For example if the bundle has 25 boxes per bundle, and you add 2 QTY in the QTY field the total units will be 50 boxes. 50 boxes at $2.00 ea per unit the total price will be $100.

Product Table 9

Use the “Add to Cart” button to add your selection to the cart, ready for checkout.

Product Table 10

For more detailed information about a product, click the description to go to the individual product page.

Product Table 11

Here you will find the following information about the product and additional photos:

Product Table 12

Checkout Process

Complete the checkout process to place an order. If you are a new customer, enter your email address and shipping details.

If you are a returning customer, it will give you the option to login to your account after entering your email address. The system will then allow you to select from existing shipping addresses or create a new one.

Product Table 13

Available shipping methods will show for selection. Defaults to Free Shipping.

Product Table 14

Available payment methods will show for selection. Defaults to Credit Card via Secure Frame Network. At this point of time, Corrugated Carton Products only accepts this payment method. The Order Summary will update to reflect the Shipping Charge, Credit Card Surcharge and applicable Tax.

Product Table 15

Once Place Order button is selected you will be directed to the Secure Frame portal to enter your credit card details.

Product Table 16

Once payment has been processed, your order will be submitted and you will receive email confirmation.

Order History

You can view your order history under your Account Settings by clicking the profile icon.

Product Table 17

Please login or create an account to access.

Product Table 18

From here you can view order history, update account details and reprint invoices (or can email us for a copy of PDF invoice). Any comments made by Customer Service against an outstanding or processing order will also be visible here. Any custom products set up under your Account can be access from here as well under ‘Product List’.

Product Table 19

Want to Order Samples?

Our in-house design and production capabilities include the ability to create prototype samples for testing and approval. We offer two flat rate sample charges for short run orders below 500 quantity. 

In addition to physical samples, we can create 3D simulations of your packaging so you can see what the box will look like with artwork when it is finished. This is a useful tool for those developing Point of Sale displays and shelf ready retail units, or confirming unit load and optimal palletisation to reduce handling problems and loading damage. 

You can order a sample here.

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